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Learn to understand

the true nature of LOVE

and how to apply these

universal principals of

to live a life overflowing

with Love, Aliveness

and Joy!



Love Aliveness & Joy is beautifully recorded by Glenda, providing a self help guide with 12 CDs



Love Aliveness & Joy



Glenda Green, an internationally renowned artist, and author of the best-selling books, “Love Without End” and “The Keys of Jeshua”, has released a new inspirational audio series called, “Love, Aliveness and Joy”.


Fifteen years in the making, this landmark audio series teaches you how to

live a life overflowing with joy and aliveness, by using the principles of Love.

This new series speaks to your soul about the real nature of love. It contains exceptional wisdom and foresight that helps listeners find a genuine, more complete, understanding of applying love in every facet of life to bring
aliveness and joy.


Glenda Green has a special and unique gift. Her story is one of fascination and enlightenment. Glenda now brings you her years of wisdom in an easy to understand and apply program.


Hear an audio sample from the LAJ program on Love


Buy LAJ Course Now 



Glenda’s Miraculous Story Began In November 1991…


Glenda was commissioned to paint a portrait of Jesus Christ. As she painted his portrait, she received an abundance of inspirational messages on the meaning

of life, love and the joy of living. Now, after 15 years she releases her first work in non-biblical language. It is easy to understand and applicable to every facet of life.


She has lived a life of miracles and now teaches you how to do the same.


Glenda boldly approaches subjects with great clarity and answers life's most profound questions. She guides you on how to lead a life of peace, joy, serenity, happiness, aliveness, and love. And coaches you to a life beyond fear, blocks and barriers to joy and aliveness.


Stunning applications to real life revealed…


Within this sensational audio series, Glenda clearly explains how a change in

your heart will generate a change in your life. If you're a collector of Glenda's materials you'll find new useable information that will take you to the next level

of understanding.


This series covers the most critical issues facing the world today. Through this program, Glenda's warm, witty, and confident voice, acts like a magnet and

draws in the soul.


This recorded series contains power packed information about the impact of

Love and these lectures provide an invaluable expression of human warmth,

candor, and vulnerability, which cannot be conveyed through the written word.



The course contains 12 topics, recorded on 12 CD's, a comprehensive 88 page study manual. Each chapter in the study manual reinforces the audio lesson. The program can be self-paced or used in a study group.

1: The Journey   Glenda leads you with grace into the enchanted world where illusions are removed and clear understanding of love unfolds.

2: Love   The most misunderstood subject in history revealed with clarity and aliveness that brings joy to the heart. Understand love for what it is, and create a more powerful and rewarding life.

3: Find Your Inner Joy   Learn to spot and release blockages to love, aliveness and joy. Release the forces that limit your full experience of life and embrace the challenge to awaken and grow.

4: Spotting the Blocks to Your Happiness   Life is organized and unified to support us. Understand the nature of scarcity, release the fear of losing, and connect with the joy of having.

5: Overcoming Fear   Fear is a force that blocks you from radiant aliveness and joy. Learn to discern real threats from false data, which has separated you from your loving nature.

6: The Heart, Your Higher Connection   What the heart really is! It contains the most important understanding anyone can have... critical for our times. The Heart is the connection between the spirit, mind, body, and emotions; and, is the center of our personal universe. Learn how to shape your life with the magnetic power of the heart!

7: Manifesting Your Desires   Release old patterns that are no longer fulfilling and release stuck energy that blocks you from living a life of vibrant joy. Understand what desires are really from your heart, and how to engage your heart consciously in the creation of your life. Manifest the dreams that are born from your purpose.

8: Innocent Perception   Learn perception that is direct, honest, and unfiltered by prior experiences or attitudes. It will heighten your sense of personal authenticity and allow you to view the world with clarity and acceptance.

9: Four Secrets of Success   Success is not a process of acquisition but one of transformation. Learn how to ensure that your success will be genuine. Integrate success into the process of living instead of the goal of having. The principals disclosed here transcend all business or get rich courses.

10: Growth, Abundance and Community   Personal growth can be a matter of chance, or it can be a directed process. The choice is yours. By deliberately cultivating these expressions and manifestations of life, we can stimulate even more joy and aliveness.

11: Miracles, Liberty and Free Will   Explore our gift of free will to make choices and assume authority over our own lives. Life can be a great adventure for personal liberty, free will, and the spontaneous integration of new possibilities. Learn the formula of miracles and live a joyful life. Discover how the realm of miracles is available to us.

12: Serenity and Meditation   Discover the reflections offered from the deep waters of the soul. Discover a greater part of your self from an expanded reality of the whole. See beyond the boundaries, challenges and physical reward.


Glenda has helped thousands of people of all ages with various beliefs. She has traveled the world to deliver an enlightened message. Her message continues to

be well received throughout the world. To date, Glenda has spoken at over 500 churches and for 21 denominations.


Quotes from participants of this incredible audio program:


This series brought me a practical and elegant way to apply love in my life in new and different ways.

A surprising by product is that I have more gratitude for everything and get more of what I really want from life. Glenda Green is a sensitive and enlightened woman, with a clear message of how to live a passionate life of love and joy. ~ Stephen Eaton, Dallas TX

Glenda Green is the best public speaker I have hear heard. ~ Christopher Hegarty, AZ -

Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee


Glenda's 12 audio CD series and workbook covers some of the most meaningful messages of our time. The cost is only $144.00.

With this audio series, you will immediately be tuned to your heart. You will be given the strength, courage and insight that will improve the relationships and love within your life. In addition, you will be guided to a heart centered loving space of aliveness and joy

Don’t Delay!  NOW is the time to transform your life.

Think of the trials and tribulations of your life. Think of the problems and pain that you experience. Now imagine the dramatically enhanced life waiting for you through this miraculous program. You can be what you want to be, and you can have what you want.

And remember, this full series of audio lectures is fully guaranteed. If after listening, you find no value in what you have heard you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

The wisdom, guidance and age-old truths that you seek are close at hand, so what are you waiting for? Soon you could be listening to the words that transform your life, within a matter of days.

The benefits of this comprehensive audio series are vital for your joy, love and aliveness. In addition, we've removed all the risk with our 100% nothing to lose guarantee.

For people with an inner yearning for truth, this audio series is worth a hundred times its weight in gold. For your $144.00 investment, you will receive an abundance of never before available teachings that are guaranteed to impress!

How much is Joy And Aliveness worth to you?

This incredible audio series and workbook are well worth this remarkably low $144.00 investment in yourself.

Order NOW or call our office at 1-888-453-6324

Then, take a deep breath because your life is certainly about to change.

It’s time to get started!

Buy Now