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These essential oils are proprietary, special blends inspirationally created by Glenda Green in the ancient and sacred tradition of anointing oils. Their beauty will help celebrate your life, and offer emotional and spiritual blessings.




The ancient tradition of anointing oils has been a guarded secret by the high priests of Israel,
Egypt, and India for thousands of years. These complex fragrances, which are alchemically combined with essential oil and rare herbs, flowers, and gemstones have provided a sacred connection between Heaven and Earth to assist with prayers, meditation, protection and healing 
by the most inspired men and women of all time. The original eight blends, which we call the "Temple Set," were given to Glenda by Jeshua as she wrote "The Keys of Jeshua." They were 
given to help in the restoration of our own Temple Within. Other anointing blends have been 
added since then to assist with meditation, focus, creativity, protection, and inspiration. 


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Our proprietary blends are some of the purest essential oils available.

In most cases plants are grown, harvested and processed in the loving hands of people whose traditions run 
deep within the history of preparing sacred oil.

Each blend is available
in 2 sizes:

1/6 oz. - $15.00 & Up

1/3 oz. - $25.00 & Up

Complete Set of 8 Oils


To Order


Buy the complete set and receive a 15% discount.
1/6 oz. Now $105 - Retail customers only.

Watch a Video with 
Glenda about Essential Oils 
on Conscious Media Network.

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