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Take your inspiration, love, and enlightenment into your life and share it with others.  This is what is meant by personal spirituality.



Spiritis Ministry




We believe that only in a state of healthy connection with oneself is a person able to truly connect with others and with God. Jeshua’s radical recommendation 2000 years ago was to love others “as yourself.” That cannot honestly be accomplished

in a state of personal disconnection.

This was the heart of Jeshua’s original ministry, and his followers were called members of “The Way” (Ortha in Aramaic). “Jeshua” is Jeshua ben Joseph (son

of Joseph). The name by which he is known in many modern cultures is Jesus.

Although his great movement took root within a Jewish tradition, in all cases

the emphasis was on personal responsibility, personal integrity, personal charity, personal talents, and personal forgiveness. Self knowledge and conscience

were never derailed in favor of conformity to congregational doctrine of any kind. 

His entire life was lived to demonstrate and to teach reconnection with oneself,

with others, and with God on all levels of being. 
Millions of people around the world take these teachings into their own lives and then use them to help those they love and serve. That is the most basic form of ministry. It has no denominational conformity and no restrictive beliefs. What it

does require is that you live your life from the heart, or at least seek your heart’s counsel, and strive to bring your whole life into an expression of your authentic self. In the words of EE Cummings, “It takes courage to grow up and turn out to

be who you really are.”
Through this movement, friends come together as family with One Heart, One Purpose, and One Love. They enter a community that is truly spread across the globe and in which all are made Most Welcome. To serve this expansion we offer online courses, recorded lectures, and live seminars in addition to our featured products.


Spiritis Seminary




This level of study is for those who wish to advance their love of ministry through more formal endeavors and thereby gain licensed ability to apply it.
Our basic program consists of home study with teleconferences and optional live seminars. Upon completion our graduates receive a Doctor of Divinity degree (D.D.) and an ordination as Minister and Chaplain in Spiritis Church. 
Unlike most religious seminaries, Spiritis Seminary is not an instrument of conformity but an avenue for higher education about spiritual principles, practices, history, and service applications. It also provides an active community for connecting with others of similar commitment. We follow the original ministry of Jeshua, and in so doing respect all sincere beliefs that are coming from love and respect of God. 
We feel it is important to repeat that his original ministry had little to do with conformity, which is why it was so immensely successful in penetrating the many cultural barriers that would have rejected most doctrines. Since the dawn of what we call civilization, conformity has been used over and over as the dominant force for social and interpersonal structure, despite the fact that we have learned repeatedly that conformity does not result in civilized behavior. While it may result

in predictable behavior, it can stifle new inspirations, and lead to conflict or even war between incompatible groups of conformists. 
At Spiritis Seminary we advocate Higher Guidance, and not conformity, as the fertile ground for spiritual growth. It is our goal to provide a school, an interactive forum, and a vital community in which you can become all that you are and realize your value to others.
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